Watch: Worst miss of all time? William Akio inexplicably denies Valour FC a certain goal in Canadian Premier League

Watch: Worst miss of all time? William Akio inexplicably denies Valour FC a certain goal in Canadian Premier League

The South Sudan global’s name will be associated with every one of some unacceptable reasons after a staggering screw-up against HFX Wanderers

Bizzare. Crazy. Astounding. What more might you at any point perhaps say when a striker cleans up a shot from his own group that was bound to go too far! Courage FC striker William Akio has circulated around the web for doing precisely that in a Canadian Premier League experience.

Boldness FC got a 1-0 win against HFX Wanderers in their most recent installation, with Akio’s blushes at last saved after he kept a shot from colleague Alessandro Riggi from streaming over the objective line.

Who did Akio’s fantastic bungle come to fruition?
Akio was surprised while celebrating rashly as Riggi’s shot edged towards the net with the scoreline level following 18 minutes.

In an attack of fervor, he denied an objective for his group by cleaning up the ball even before it crossed the objective line.

The ref had no choice except for to keep the scoreline unaltered, in any case, Valor ultimately dominated the game graciousness of a late strike from Moses Dyer.

Watch: The most terrible miss ever?

What did Akio say regarding the awfulness miss?
Bravery FC commander Daryl Fordyce showed up to openly endorse Akio and caused to notice a splendid objective that he scored last season.

“We as a whole have great days and terrible days,” the veteran midfielder said via virtual entertainment.

“We should not disregard this piece of brightness from an outstanding player – quite possibly of the most focused and most authentic individual I’ve at any point played with!”

“I simply missed a completely open net. It’s straightforward as that. Everybody commits errors at work, it’s important for life. I will return as I generally have throughout everyday life and football.

“Some of the time, we’re tried not to show our shortcomings, but rather to find our assets. Football has its promising and less promising times, yet you can’t allow the negative times to consume you. Continuously keep it moving and have confidence in yourself regardless of anything.”

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