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Watch: Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson volunteers for Taekwondo champion’s bottle challenge

Watch: Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson volunteers for Taekwondo champion's bottle challenge

The Brazilian set his confidence in an Olympic Gold medalist at a special occasion in the Far East

Liverpool guardian Alisson Becker had a good time meeting in Thailand prior to returning to serious business, taking on a Taekwondo champion’s possibly perilous container challenge. The Reds are set to take on Manchester United in a cordial on Tuesday at the Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok as a feature of their pre-season arrangements and before that, a couple of Liverpool players went through a few carefree minutes at a special occasion.

The guardian, alongside colleagues Thiago Alacantara and Andrew Roberston have told the best way to kick, not a football, but rather a water bottle at a level of in excess of 190 cm.

What did Alisson’s container challenge include?
Alisson likewise elected to participate in a pleasant movement with Thailand’s Olympic gold medallist Panipak Wongpattanakit.

The guardian had a container put on his head which Wongpattanakit needed to wreck.

Alisson didn’t move an inch during the action to limit the gamble of being kicked in the face.

Watch: Alisson volunteer for a Taekwondo bottle challenge
The Liverpool guardian is 191 cm tall. It is no mean accomplishment to thump down a jug from such level, particularly for somebody who is only 173 cm.

In any case, it was a cakewalk for the Olympic boss, Wongpattanakit, who figured out how to achieve the undertaking serenely on the subsequent endeavor.

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