Rules for showing receipt and identity card while selling gold

Rules for showing receipt and identity card while selling gold

Before buying old gold in Bangladesh, Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) has instructed to follow certain rules, including keeping the identity card of the seller and seeing the purchase receipt.

Before buying old or baggage rule gold, it is advised to keep the seller’s national identity card or passport-visa copy, see the purchase receipt, keep a nearby shop owner or employee as a witness.

This association has more than four thousand members in Bangladesh.

But why did this association make such a decision? And what effect can it have on customers?

According to Bangladesh Jewellers’ Association, usually the gold in Bangladesh’s gold business comes from the purchase of old gold and baggage rule gold from abroad.

Bajus says that in case of buying old gold, members of the association should keep a photocopy of the national identity card of the seller, know the source of the gold ornaments, keep a copy of the purchase receipt, the owner or staff of the neighboring shop as witnesses.

Many citizens bring gold when they come to Bangladesh from abroad. Although these are meant for family use, many people sell them.

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