Robbie Fowler won UEFA award for class act during Arsenal vs Liverpool

Robbie Fowler won UEFA award for class act during Arsenal vs Liverpool

Robbie Fowler once won an honor for telling the ref not to grant Liverpool a punishment against Arsenal.

During a 1997 conflict at Highbury between the different sides, Fowler went down in the punishment region under the test of David Seaman.

It looked a stall punishment and official Gerald Ashby highlighted the spot.

Be that as it may, there were quick fights between Seaman and Arsenal protectors.

Yet, rather curiously, Fowler likewise dissented.

He held up both of his hands and waved them in fight seeming to say
Ashby was placed in an abnormal choice however the extra shot stood.

However, it was a class motion from Fowler, who was granted recognition from UEFA for his trustworthiness.

However, what occurred next was intriguing.

Notwithstanding guaranteeing it was anything but a punishment only seconds beforehand, Fowler moved forward to take the kick.

His manageable exertion was parried via Seaman yet Jason McAteer committed no error from the bounce back.

Liverpool proceeded to dominate the game 2-1.

A few fans guaranteed that Fowler had missed intentionally yet he demanded that wasn’t true as he retold the punishment numerous years on.

“I simply recollect getting up and seeing David Seaman. There was all the discussion of ‘did he plunge or didn’t he’ yet I just lost energy when I got around him and fell over,” Fowler told the Liverpool Echo.

“It was anything but a punishment and in light of the fact that he was my mate from the England side, I just said it was anything but a pen. I don’t think there were an excessive number of cheerful Liverpool fans or such a large number of blissful Liverpool the board on the seat yet two beneficial things emerged from it for me that day.I assisted Jason McAteer with scoring his very first Liverpool objective and I got a fair play declaration from UEFA so it was anything but a terrible day – and we wound up with the success too. I didn’t miss the punishment deliberately, it was only a terrible punishment however they all are the point at which you don’t score them. I recollect it extremely, well in fact.”

Fair play to Fowler.

Strikers are too glad to even consider attempting and persuade authorities to grant them a punishment with unsporting way of behaving. Yet, Fowler went totally the alternate way and, regardless of the ref given him a spot-kick, he attempted to inspire him to return his choice.

You wouldn’t see that in the advanced game.

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