La Liga quiz: Can you name each of these 30 players from the 2000s?

La Liga quiz: Can you name each of these 30 players from the 2000s?

La Liga during the 2000s was essentially epic.

You had Real Madrid’s variety of ‘Galacticos’, Barcelona’s Ronaldinho-motivated ascent under Frank Rijkaard’s standard and Valencia coming out on top for the championship two times in the space of only three seasons.

What compelled it stunningly better for those dwelling in the United Kingdom at the time was the way that all the Spanish activity was accessible to watch on Sky Sports.

Unfortunately, that is not the case nowadays and the division simply isn’t the equivalent when it’s not described by any semblance of Rob Palmer and Gerry Armstrong.

La Liga during the 2000s will constantly possess a unique spot in the hearts of numerous football fans and on the off chance that you fit into that classification, we’ve made a test only for you – one that you ought to excel on.

Everything necessary to do is accurately name the 30 players (some simple, some not all that simple) on show and learn to expect the unexpected. There are just two choices for each inquiry.

Here is our scoring framework:

0-6 – Did you watch La Liga by any means during the 2000s?

7-12 – Come on, you can show improvement over that

13-18 – Not terrible, not awful

19-24 – Yep – you were a La Liga sweetheart

25-29 – Your memory is stunning!

30 – Pichichi champ!

Right, prepared to go on a truly necessary outing down sentimentality path? How about we go!

La Liga test: Can you name these 30 players from the 2000s?

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