Bangladesh did not accept the Napit government’s explanation on the border tension

Bangladesh did not accept the Napit government's explanation

The Foreign Ministry in Dhaka said that the explanation given by that country regarding the recent tension on the border by calling the ambassador of Bangladesh in Yangon, Myanmar, is not acceptable.

For the first time, Myanmar explained its position to the ambassador of Bangladesh last Monday.

Bangladeshi officials say Bangladesh believes that Myanmar is deliberately inciting a destabilizing situation by not taking back the Rohingya refugees.

The officials mentioned that Bangladesh is trying to solve the issue diplomatically without stepping into that provocation.

On Tuesday, the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a meeting with the ambassadors or high commissioners of all foreign missions and highlighted this position of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has protested by summoning the country’s ambassador posted in Dhaka four times to the Foreign Ministry against the background of Myanmar’s mortar shelling and continued tension on the border.

In response to this, Myanmar’s foreign ministry called Manjurul Karim Khan Chowdhury, the ambassador of Bangladesh in Yangon, and explained them.

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