2022 FIFA World Cup huge opportunity for Germany

2022 FIFA World Cup huge opportunity for Germany

FIFA came under pressure from several European soccer federations who want their captains to wear an armband with a rainbow heart design during World Cup games in Qatar to campaign against discrimination

2022 FIFA World Cup huge opportunity for Germany

The German associations’ new campus in Frankfurt seemed the perfect spot for Oliver Bierhoff to launch a statement, and the 54-year-old couldn’t be more serious about it.

Amid buildings shaped by modern design, training and medical facilities it seemed time for the German national team’s managing director to spread a spirit of optimism.

The former striker not only spoke of winning the 2022 World Cup as a realistic goal but delivered in his perspective convincing reasons why the 2014 world champion is prepared to kick the can down the road.

The former Milan forward spoke of past disappointments as an irresistible force of motivation to lift the trophy in December as the world’s best side.

Bierhoff mentioned mentality and quality next to what he called “rage in the stomach” of Germany’s squad, reports Xinhua.

The disastrous performance back in 2018 in Russia, when hopes shattered as early as in the group stage, is unforgotten and still boiling as an unpleasant leftover in the players and official chests.

“Nobody wants to experience something frustrating like that again,” the official said ahead of the country’s Nation League encounter against Hungary in Leipzig Friday evening.

Germany, he emphasized, is ready to do the job. “It is our first goal to win the World Cup,” Bierhoff said, calling the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar a “huge opportunity.”

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